Reno - It Takes a Village


“This morning, a nine year old student showed me how little we give these lovely kids when compared to what they can give us. Kayla, a bright, nine year old kid with emotional issues, told me she feels so sad when she thinks of me and my departed kids. Then holding my hand, she told me that she and other kids are there for me and that they love me. I was stunned,” wrote Reno Demicoli, a 72 year old volunteer and mentor with EdConnect Australia.

Reno has been volunteering with EdConnect Australia for over 2 years and works with secondary students. He helps students with their assignments and their hobbies. Most importantly, he talks about their interests, their fears and their frustrations in seeing their parents living apart.
Through the time he spends with the students, Reno has earned the their trust and makes a positive contribution to their future.
He says, “In turn, these kids have filled a deep hole in my life having lost my only two sons. As I attempt to find meaning in my “golden years”, my contribution to these kids, many from broken and seriously problematic backgrounds, is a tangible way of contributing something to very young members of our community who are suffering through no fault of their own.”

Reno’s dedication to give back to the greater good of the community and his humility in recognising what the connection brings him, is why EdConnect Australia would like to nominate him and share his story.

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