Marama - It Takes a Village


Mr Marama Kufi fled the Oromia region, Ethiopia, in the 1980s as a refugee. After more than 10 years of refugee life, Marama migrated to Australia in 1999.
Since he reached the safety of Australia after spending years in a refugee camp, Marama does everything he can to help his people still suffering in Ethiopia. Through community run organisations such the Oromia Support Group and the Oromo Relief Association , Marama tirelessly campaigns to raise awareness about the plight of Oromo people, works to get Oromo people out of refugee camps to countries like Australia and helps them to settle into their new lives once they arrive.
Marama Kufi has volunteered for the White Ribbon campaign for several years. He was also a passionate mentor for the Challenge Family Violence program – a joint three-year initiative started last year by the Casey, Dandenong and Cardinia councils. He spoke about gender equality at a special event held at the Casey Council chambers for the Oromo community earlier this year.
Marama is my best hero because he is such a valued and respected member of the Oromo community in the Victoria’s south-east. He has been also a role model to many Oromo youths and has been mentoring them and motivating them to achieve their best in school and life.

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