Tresillian - It Takes a Village


‘Being a new parent can be overwhelming!  Tresillian is there for parents when baby just won’t stop crying, when breastfeeding isn’t going well and when peri-natal anxiety and depression is a reality.  For over 100 years Tresillian has been delivering quality services to a growing number of mums and dads across Australia. Tresillian’s Nursing and Psychology staff reassure parents, building confidence and resilience.  Earlier this year one parent, Claudia, wrote a moving tribute to our CEO, Robert Mills, about her experiences in Day Services at Tresillian Wollstonecraft.  Claudia is mum to 8 month old twins who was finding her parenting journey ‘scary, challenging and lonely’.  She wrote telling us that her Tresillian Nurse,  was knowledgeable, down to earth and calm and gave her confidence.  She provided Claudia with reassurance helping  to put her on the right path, enabling her to manage her twins in a relaxed, confident manner.   This nurse was also proactive and very thoughtful throughout the entire Tresillian journey, following up by phone call and visiting Claudia in her own home which is part of Tresillian’s Outreach Service for new parents.   Like all Tresillian Nurses and Psychologists this Nurse demonstrated her dedication and commitment to helping parents work through the sometimes challenging early days of a new baby (or babies), by providing practical advice, gentle guidance and genuine compassion and caring.  We pay tribute to all Tresillian health professionals for the difference they make to new parents every day’.

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