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Meet the village

Everyone’s village looks different, but what matters is that the people in our kids’ villages are taking steps to ensure our young people are being given every opportunity to succeed in their education and achieve their dreams.

Click on the stories below to hear how the people in their village have helped them achieve their dreams.

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We all know Aussies helping our youngsters achieve their education goals and encouraging them to dream big. Check out some of your stories:


Growing up in country NSW, Chris’ dream of working in the theatre seemed unrealistic to him. But, with the support of a range of people in his village, Chris broke through the barriers and has gone onto work in some of the most prestigious theatres in the world.


Having a village of people around him has helped John, a young refugee who cares for his mother, set his sight high and achieve more than he would have ever thought possible.


James’ grandmother has been instrumental in instilling the right values in James – values that convinced him to stay in school, study to become a lawyer, and now, set his sights on a future in education.


When Abdelmasih’s family first arrived in Australia, one of his mother’s friends suggested he get involved in the Smith Family’s Learning Clubs. The people he met there didn’t just help him with his reading and writing – they made him feel like he had people to talk to about anything.


For high school student, Ben, music isn’t just a passion – it’s a reason to come to school every day. Having musicians dedicate their time to sharing their knowledge has shown Ben that having a supportive village really does matter.


A school biology class peaked Zahra’s interest in learning about how our ears work, but it was the village of mentors she met through her interactions with local charities that helped show her the value of her education, and landed her an internship with the world’s leading hearing organisation.

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