About the campaign - It Takes a Village

About the campaign

The It Takes a Village campaign is run by the Community Council for Australia with the support of Origin Foundation and our community partners. The campaign aims to encourage Australians to recognise that we all have a role to play in the education of our country’s young people.

Educational outcomes are linked to the overall well-being of our young people – students do better when they are happy, have a sense of belonging and have a range of positive influences in their lives outside school.

Education has the power to transform the opportunities and life outcomes of children and communities. When students fall behind due to education disengagement or disadvantage this can significantly impact their future and ability to reach their full potential.

Keeping our kids in education is good for everyone, and responsibility doesn’t just fall to parents and teachers. It takes a village. Education is everyone’s business.

About Community Council for Australia

The Community Council for Australia is an independent non-political member based organisation dedicated to building flourishing communities by enhancing the extraordinary work undertaken by the charities and not-for-profit sector in Australia.

CCA seeks to change the way governments, communities and not-for-profits relate to one another. It does so by providing a national voice and facilitation for sector leaders to act on common and shared issues affecting the contribution, performance and viability of not-for-profits in Australia.

CCA’s success will drive a more sustainable and effective charities and not-for-profit sector in Australia making an increased contribution to the well-being and resilience of all our communities.

The Australia we want

In 2015, CCA brought together leaders from across the charities and not-for-profit sector to envision the type of society we wanted to live in.  The Australia We Want is just, fair, safe, inclusive, equal of opportunity, united, authentic, creative, confident, courageous, optimistic, generous, kind and compassionate.

The first report measuring Australia’s and each State and Territory’s progress against these values was released in a National Press Club address by CCA Chair, Tim Costello.  One of the measures used in that report was access to education.  Education changes lives, reduces inter-generational inequality and creates opportunity.  That is why, CCA with the support of Origin Foundation is asking every Australian to make education their business. It takes a Village.  Each and every one of us can make a difference. 

Join the Village

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