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If you could help a kid achieve their dreams, would you?

Want some tips on how to play your role in your village? Join the It Takes a Village campaign now.


We know parents and teachers play an important role in our kids’ education, but did you know that you can help make sure kids succeed at school too? Watch and share our campaign video.

Do you have a hero in your village? Someone who helped you make it through school or someone you know who is making a difference for young people in your community? 

Positive support can help young Aussies stay in education

A caring community can give young people the support and motivation they need to stay in education and get the most out of it.

Staying in school increases your chance of getting a job

Completing Year 12, or the equivalent, significantly increases the chances of young people continuing with further study and getting a job.

Supportive village = better educational outcomes and brighter futures

We all have the power to encourage our kids to dream big and chase those dreams. Students do better when they are happy, have a sense of belonging and have a range of positive influences they engage with in their lives outside of school.

Keeping kids in school is good for everyone

Helping our young people stick with education is good for the whole society – it results in higher productivity, less unemployment and better health and wellbeing.  

Everyone can make a difference

It could be as simple as asking how a school project is going, supporting their dreams for the future, or even getting involved in an official mentoring program. We can all make a difference.

Education is everyone's business.
We all have a role to play.

Meet the people making a difference

We all know Aussies helping our youngsters achieve their education goals and encouraging them to dream big. Check out some of your stories here.

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